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The SCHWERTRANS company provides comprehensive support for oversized transport journeys throughout Europe. The rapid development and the contacts we have gained in various countries allow us to organize permits and pilotage for you according to the guidelines of the given country. Our services are always carried out with due diligence and at the highest level, which allows experienced staff with many years of experience which is used, among others, in the construction of wind farms where often the length of transported elements exceed 70m as well as various types of other projects which in turn are characterized by width or a weight that quite often exceeds 100 tons of the total weight of the set.


We have been on the market since 2000, we are one of the largest pilot companies in Poland and Europe.


We have cars that meet all standards provided by the legislator.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide certainty, reliability and obligation, and above all successful cooperation on a large scale.


We have a fleet of pilot vehicles
BF-2 and BF-3 in addition, each car is equipped with:
– Warning cones
– Warning lamps
– Warning triangles
– Altitude measures
– Laser rangefinders
– Additional lighting
– GPS locator
– Fixed and portable CB radio

Each car is equipped to meet the requirements of the legislature of a given country

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International transport

At Schwertrans, we offer international transport of various loads – from small goods to large-scale ones – in the European Union and many other countries in Europe. With our help you will deliver cargo to Spain, Scandinavia or Germany with a guarantee of timely delivery and competitive transport prices.

Oversized transport

Oversized transport includes the transport of loads such as machines, trailers, construction equipment, containers and other goods whose length, width, height and total weight exceed legal norms. In order to use oversize transport, you must have the appropriate authorization, which we will help you obtain.

Transportation of goods

In Schwer trans’s offer you will find domestic and international transport of goods, during which we ensure maximum safety of transported loads, timely execution of the order and professional assistance of experienced specialists. Thanks to the extensive vehicle fleet, we can easily adapt the service to your needs.

We encourage you to use our services.

– Pilotage in Poland
– BF-2 boarding
– BF-3 boarding
– BF-4 boarding
– police escort
– preparation of the permit
– route detours containing photos and detailed notes
– preparation of road infrastructure for transport passage

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